Westminster Standard Deviations

This is an older piece (by Parker Williamson), but it is helpful in the way it lays out the precipating factors for the recent and continuing exodus from the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA), a movement whose members have adopted the moniker “New Wineskins.”

Williamson concludes his brief survey of mainline deviations on a hopeful note:

But the Kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus himself said so, adding to his announcement the command, “Repent, and believe the Gospel.”47 While that announcement and its consequent command have not evoked institutional repentance, they have touched the hearts and minds of thousands of Presbyterians who currently reside within that institution. Communities of those who thrive on God’s Word are emerging, and they are discovering one another. In configurations whose shape and form may not yet be clear, they celebrate a corporate conviction, trusting that where two or three gather in the Lord’s name, he also will be there. Human institutions come and go. His Kingdom is forever.