Tim Keller on Preaching in a Secularized Environment

While the nature and extent of secularization has been questioned of late (see this post on Peter Berger’s recent shift in thought), there are few pastors more studied in their approach to preaching the gospel to congregations influenced by secularism than Tim Keller. I remember hearing Dr. Keller teach a course on preaching in a postmodern context with Dr. Edmund Clowney years ago at RTS Orlando. The class was formative for me both as a young student of homiletics and also as someone who would later become involved in cross-cultural communications and global education. That class used to be available online. If you can find, listen to it. Seriously, dedicate the forty or so hours of time needed to get through the whole class. It is worth it.

Dr. Keller spoke at RTS Jackson last week as part of the John Reed Miller lecture series. You can see a list of links to his lectures here (along with past speakers), or you can use the links below. Whether you are a preacher or a layperson who struggles with communicating the gospel in the West (who doesn’t fall into this category?), I would commend these lectures to you.

Lecture 1: “What is good preaching?”

Lecture 2: “Preaching to Secular People and Secularized Believers”

Question and Answer: Discussion on Keller’s Book on Prayer

Lecture 3: “Preaching the Gospel Every Time”

Lecture 4: “Preaching to the Heart”