The Function of the Holy Spirit in the Church

From John Owen on The Holy Spirit and His Work:

And the Spirit of God hath no other aim in granting these his enlightening gifts, wherein he manifests his care of the church, and declares the things of the gospel unto any man, but that they should be used to the profit, advantage, and edification of others. They are not bestowed on men to make their secular gain or advantage by them, in riches, honour, or reputation,–for which ends Simon the magician would have purchased them, with his money, Acts viii. 18, 19,–no, nor yet merely for the good and benefit of the souls of them that do receive them; but for the edification of the church, and the furtherance of the faith and profession in others . . . “For that which is expedient, useful, profitable,” namely, to the church, 1 Cor. vi 12, x. 23; 2 Cor. viii. 10. Thus was the foundation of the first churches of the gospel laid by the Holy Ghost, and thus was the work of their building unto perfection carried on by him. How far present churches do or ought to stand on the same bottom, how far they are carried on upon the same principles, is worth our inquiry, and will in its proper place fall under our consideration.