The Bone and the Spirit

Here is a sort of prophetic train of thought based on Ezek 37:1-14, the “Valley of Dry Bones” passage.

New life comes for us as it does for Ezekiel and the restored Israel in Ezekiel 37, via the preaching of the word attended to by the spirit.

What is in view here is not style, not salesmanship, not manipulative technique, but rather the spirit attending to the word.

Ezekiel’s vision is not merely for Israel. It is for the world who would be counted as the people of God in Christ.

Ezekiel’s vision means that exile/death is not the end. Oppression and injustice is not the end of this world. Human history, in spite of the fall, is not doomed to be a tragedy but a comedy. It ends in joy not tears.

Those who are in Christ can be assured that your place in the kingdom is secure. Your worst moment, your deepest isolation, your greatest fear is a mere preamble to joy unspeakable, eternal life in the presence of the God of life abundant.