Prayer of Lament and Repentance

Last Sunday morning, I found myself going back to the prophets for prayers of lament. I posted a compilation of a few on a Twitter feed that morning. Here it is as a whole.

I awake this morning with prayers of lament and cries for mercy:

How long will the nations rage (Psa 2)? How long will the wicked surround the righteous, and justice go forth distorted (Hab 1)? How long will you look for justice and find bloodshed, for righteousness but find outcry (Isa 5)?

Have mercy, O Lord, that the day of the Lord will not be a day of darkness but a day of light (Amos 5). Give us a spirit of repentance so that we will not perish (Luke 13).

May our repentance be worship; out of the refining fire, produce precious treasure (Isa 1), that when we seek you we would find you and that the whole world would rejoice as a result (Gen 12). We desire the welfare of our country, and we plead to you on its behalf (Jer 29).